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Version: 1.1.8 (Current Version)


MD5 hash: 0925ce0ee1bde41b5419203f1377bf29
SHA-256 hash: a59861d1dab78b4122f550d1c6138740a230c89cdac9b0ee82eca7c38161ebee
Archive Size: 78.16 MB

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2024.05.05: Updated libraries, framework more stabile behavior
2024.05.05: Added Linux ARM Aarch64 Support

2024.01.08: Fix socket.write() could hang

2023.06.11: HTTP 100-Continue Fix, upgraded libraries

2023.04.07: Fixed HTTP errors, colored CLI interface

2023.02.18: Fix error on invalid http arguments
2023.02.18: Fix null on URL

2023.02.02: Network Code Optimisations, less CPU better throughput
2023.02.02: Fixed Error `The index 'B04BB5-12' does not exist at utils/connectionManager.class.c(270)`

2023.01.27: Added possibility to allow TLS on nonTLS sessions
2023.01.27: Tweaks

2023.01.27: Added unauth destinations
2023.01.27: Simplified config file

2023.01.26: Fixed config ssl option true to yes
2023.01.26: Fixed automated build system missing windows declaration, software stalling on wait signal from setuid(), but windows does not have setuid
2023.01.26: Fixed session duration showing 0 minutes
2023.01.26: Fixed automed build system triple slash issue, webdata was at invalid location
2023.01.24: Initial release